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2 nights + Whale search tour $ 125 per person. (Minimum 4 Adults). Children under 10 1/2 years of price.

* Applies only to a villa with a capacity of 5 to 8 people.

Valid from July 30 to October 31.

Restrictions apply.

Humpback Whales

The humpback or gubarte (Megaptera novaeangliae), also called humpback whale, is one of the larger whales, adults have a length of 12 to 16 m and an approximate weight of 36 000 kg. The species has a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and knurled head. It is an animal that often acrobatic jumps on the surface then hit the water. The males emit a complex song, which lasts for ten to twenty minutes and is repeated for hours at a time. The purpose of the singing is not clear, however, seems to play a role in mating.

It is distributed by all the world's oceans and seas; typically migrate up to 25 000 km each year. The humpback is fed only during the summer in the polar regions and migrate to tropical and subtropical waters to breed and give birth the pups during the polar winter. While the winter they are fasting and subsist thanks to its fat reserves. The species feeds mainly on krill and small fish; it has a wide repertoire of methods for feeding, including the remarkable technical network of the bubbles.

Bungalows BallenaHumpback whales reach sexual maturity at 6-10 years of age or when males reach the length of 11.6 meters. After the childbirth each female usually wait 2 to 3 years to have another, still the gestation period is 12 months. A breeding humpback whale measured at birth between 3 and 4.5 meters in length and weighs almost a ton. As mammals that are feeding their offspring with breast milk until they have completed one year of age, their milk is very rich in fat, up to 60% of that milk is fat.

In particular, this space is the one that comes to our shores to breed and give birth to their calves.

During the months of July until the end of October, we are visited by the whales of the south and during the months of January, February, March the whales of the north.

Villas Bungalows Ballena offers the whale watching tour for these months, the tour to the Marino Ballena National Park and whale watching has a duration of 3 hours. During these 3 hours we will take you to see the caves of Ventanas Beach and to observe seabirds in the whale rock. Dolphin and whale watching and we also offer snorkeling in the tail of the whale.


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