Who we are


Villas Bungalows Ballena is located 300 meters from the Ballena Marine National Park in Playa Uvita, travel can be done on foot, where you can enjoy an exceptional landscape. Playa Uvita is a 2 miles of a white sand beach with moderate waves and crystal blue water. Because this beach is part of Ballena Marine National Park any hunting or fishing of marine life is strictly prohibited.

The conditions are ideal for swimming and tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports. The best phenomenon of Playa Uvita is its beautiful scenery and mangrove swamps as well as its charming atmosphere of the village. You can visit no matter what month or season, this beach remains a glorious climate all year.

Villas Bungalows Ballena is a cozy place that allows us to provide personalized service to our guests. Our staff is prepared every day to make your stay memorable and keep us as your favorite place to vacation.

In our facilities you will enjoy warm and friendly attention from our staff, a family atmosphere, facilities designed to please the entire family, children's play area and a large refreshing swimming pool with terrace, slide and waterfall.